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Meet the Foleys!

We are professional, experienced, versatile, and fun.



Declan is the older twin and considers himself the leader of the group. Declan is able to juggle being a musician and a sportsman and peruses both passions with energy and dedication. Declan enjoys scavenging in the fridge, and reenacting scenes from Harry Potter.



Hugh lets his brother Declan think he is the leader of the group. Hugh looks more like a musician than his brother with his bohemian clothing and changing hairstyles. Hugh enjoys jogging and writing music.



Hannah is the actual leader of the group and keeps her cousins, Declan and Hugh, in line. Hannah is an amazing fiddle player and wonderful song writer. Hannah enjoys discovering new vegan restaurants and visiting art galleries.


Uncle Keiron


K-Dogg is the Uncle of Declan, Hugh, Hannah and Erin. He doesn’t recognise the current leadership paradigm and is working to convert the group into an anarchistic syndicalist commune. In between times he loves wowing guests on the dance floor with his hypnotic saxophone playing.

Roadie Russ

Roadie & Manager

Roadie Russ is certain he is the wind under the wings of sons Declan and Hugh, daughter Erin, niece Hannah and brother K-Dogg. He is always worried that the band will fall apart when he goes on holidays.


COO: “Chief of Other” Stuff No One Wants to Take Care Of)

Erin, Declan and Hugh’s sister, knows for certain that the band does not fall apart when Roadie Russ goes on holiday. Things actually improve on the admin side. After past experiences Erin no longer takes holidays for sake of the band surviving.


Good boi

Miles is always a good boi. He likes walks on the beach and is a cheese connoisseur. His favourite toys are “dinosaur” and “lion”. He keeps Erin happy and healthy, so really there wouldn’t be The Foley Artists without him. 

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  • Based in Hobart, Tasmania but can travel upon request
  • (+61) 417-574-219 [Roadie Russ]
  • [email protected]