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We believe our music speaks for itself. Please watch the sample videos below that showcase some of our styles and listen to recordings, including from our four studio albums. We can play styles of music to suit your purposes but our main focus is contemporary renditions of rock, celtic, jazz, bluegrass, and popular music.

Here’s our rendition of “At Last”.

Here’s our rendition of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”.

Here’s our rendition of “Black is the Colour”.

Here’s our rendition of “Can’t help falling in love with you”. This is one of our favourite Elvis songs, and is a popular one requested by our wedding clients to walk down the aisle to.

This is a video of us performing at Piermont Retreat. This was the beautiful wedding of Cat + Luke. We spent the day performing in the amphitheater and then in the dining hall where we later DJ’d into the night.

This is a video from a wedding at Clarendon House. It showcases an instrumental version which we have in our repertoire. Our love for instrumental and improvisation comes from playing them since we were kids and from us both studying jazz at the Conservatorium of Music in Tasmania.

TRIO // This is a video showcasing our repertoire of different genres we play including contemporary, classics, jazz, pop, and Irish music – which we grew up playing together.

DUO // This is a sample video of our repertoire as a duo showcasing songs from contemporary, jazz, old classics, and pop.

SOLO // This is a sample video of Hugh’s repertoire as a solo performer showcasing songs from contemporary, jazz, old classics, and pop.

DJ // Here’s a sample video of us DJing with saxophone and electric guitar. One of our loves is to improvise over the music.

DJ // This is a video compilation of some of our recent DJ D-Floor shenanigans.

“They displayed their range with covers of alternative and pop classics from different eras woven effortlessly yet subtly into their acoustic framework that created our ambience; so that guests and ourselves, despite being deep in conversation, would pause, smile and begin singing along to familiar chords.”

Aleisha + Abay

Listen to some recordings

Find more videos of live moments of acoustic and DJ sets on our instagram page

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  • Based in Hobart, Tasmania but can travel upon request
  • (+61) 417-574-219 [Roadie Russ]
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