The Foley Artists | a Tasmanian wedding band // trio + duo + solo + DJ + sax

What we do

We love performing at weddings and events! We perform acoustically as either a solo, duo, a trio, a four piece, or as DJs.
We are twins Declan (on guitar) and Hugh (on banjo), as the trio we are joined by our cousin, Hannah (on the fiddle), and for the four piece our Uncle Keiron “K-Dogg” joins us (on the sax).

We are conservatorium-trained musicians that have close to 15 years experience performing around Hobart, Australia and Europe.

We are flexible in our delivery and will customise our services to tailor to your wedding or event.


Hugh performs as a solo singer/acoustic banjo musician. Showcasing a variety of classic hits and forgotten gems spanning jazz, country and rock from the likes of Pink Floyd, the Beatles and Neil Young. Easy listening perfect for smaller gatherings.


The Foley brothers will take you on an instrumental odyssey through a vast range of alternative and popular classics. The music flows through different genres and eras, the melodic sounds of the electric banjo are driven along by the skilled guitarist. They create an ambient atmosphere that can transform into an upbeat party vibe.


The Foley Artists are known for their unique blend of celtic, bluegrass, jazz and classic hits with an emphasis on improvisation. The driving rhythm of guitar and banjo allow the amazing fiddle to mesmerize audiences. In addition to high octave instrumental, the band members have voices to enchant. If you are looking for a band to exhaust audiences dancing to the lightning speed of traditional tunes or relaxing and romantic background music, this is the band for you.


The Foley brothers seek to create that feel-good atmosphere where the groove is infectious and always right. They play sets that get you tapping your feet and nodding your head without you realising it, regardless of genre or release date. Weaving in live electric guitar, the atmosphere is joyous. Creating personalised playlists, they will intertwine the music that is meaningful to you and your guests.

DJ & Axe

During the mellow DJ session sit back and enjoy Hugh meander around the dance floor with his axe playing over the top of requested songs.

DJ & Sax

Just when you thought The Foley brothers heaving dance floor could not get any better ’ Uncle Keiron ‘K-Dogg’ Foley can now join them on the sax to mesmerise guests, K Dog brings energy to both the musicians and all on the dance floor. When K-Dogg is on deck the mellow DJ set features the Axe and Sax weaving within songs and is a delight to witness.

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