New Direction


This is the latest album from The Foley Artists.

This album, New Direction has kept faith with the Celtic/Bluegrass themes associated with The Foley Artists but has moved into a unique direction that has developed due to the telepathic connection and shared musical direction that the twins in the band enjoy. Hannah joined the boys on a number of tracks that has ensured the “Salamanca experience” is replicated on the album.

May 2012

Product Description

New Direction is the new album for The Foley Artists but is predominantly the work of band members Declan and Hugh Foley.

Although, regulars to Salamanca Market have witnessed the lads’ progress over the last 4 years and their musical direction evolve, this album has kept faith with the Celtic/Bluegrass themes. The lads’ are joined by Hannah Foley on a number of tracks that has ensured the Salamanca experience is replicated on the album.

The 17 tracks on the album, recorded at Red Planet studio in Hobart, are a collection of original creations, expertly arranged traditional tunes and some covers of songs that have influenced the young musicians. The outcome is a sound that is a true reflection of the dynamic live performances enjoyed by audiences and is a must for any record collection.

Track Listing:

Here are two distinct sets of songs that track the journey of Declan and Hugh Foley, who are moving on a musical trail that stumbles on some songs that are very old, some new and somewhere in between.

The first set, or side one as these songs may once have been referred, showcases a mix of influences on these two emerging Tasmanian musicians. A feature of side one is the vocals from Hugh on three of the tracks and the wonderful harmonies from cousin Hannah Foley.

Side two, written entirely by the Foley twins and aptly titled the Tarkine Suite, reflects another journey, akin to a ramble into places deep in the Tasmanian ancient forests that many listeners may already feel a deep connection… or hopefully will one day soon.

New Journey
1. Deliverance
2. Taylor/Scar
3. Falling Slowly
4. Mary Blacksmith/Stop Tearing Your Heart Out
5. Just The Way You Are
6. Sew My Name
7. Teenage Crime/G6
8. Drugs Don’t Work

The Tarkine Suite
9. New Journey
10. Shadow Over Jenny Hill
11. Windmill Lane
12. Tarkine Reflections
13. Midnight Whiskey Ramble
14. Beautiful Encounter
15. Breakfast
16. Go Right This Time
17. Sunny Days


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