The Turning point

As time progressed, the band, emboldened by positive feedback and numerous requests, decided to enter the recording studio and produce their own album. The recording took place in the studio of Geoff Frances at Pelverata in October 2007. Sound Effects is essentially the recording of a live performance with minimal overdubbing and resulted in a fresh dynamic album that accurately captured the “Salamanca Market sound”.

The songs on the album mirrored the range of music popular at Salamanca Market and included a range of traditional Celtic tunes arranged by the band, several covers and the original tune and title song Sound Effects written initially by Declan and Hugh then arranged by the band. The album became a profitable enterprise for the band as tourists snapped up a tangible memory of a trip to Tasmania.

In relation to musical development the production of Sound Effects exposed all band members to both the technical and business aspects of the music industry.

On a technical level all identified that recording highlighted any mistakes made such as lack of timing, slightly off key, etc. Recording demanded attention to detail; this contrasted to performing live where errors are often not noticed by the audience and can be hidden through improvisation. This revelation was not lost on the band members as they all focused on improving technical competence but without losing the flair and love of improvisation that highlighted the bands live performances.

The relatively high level of album sales (in our eyes) gave the band members a glimpse of the potential for pursuing professional musical careers. Decisions on timing of reruns of album, costing and marketing techniques became an essential skill to develop.