The Present

As a result of Hannah leaving other bands to concentrate on her own musical career The Foley Artists have had a new lease on of life due to increased availability.

The band members have decided they will continue to perform the Salamanca Market gig as often as possible and fit other musical commitments around this. In addition the band agreed to increase the exposure to festivals. Recently The Foley Artists performed at the Cygnet Folk Festival, Wooden Boat Festival and others.

As a group a decision was made to always have all the bands three CDs in stock as the diverse audiences are attracted to different aspects of the bands work. When performing with Hannah the performances typically involve an increase in the proportion of Celtic tunes but mix it with the new work created by Declan and Hugh. It has become evident that many of the customers purchasing New Direction have bought earlier CDs on previous trips to Tasmania and have come back for more. It is also pleasing to note quite often new customers buy all three albums.