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Welcome to The Foley Artist’s Official Website

The website has recently been upgraded after a period of neglect so is still in the process of rebuilding. You are now able to keep up to date with what’s happening with the band via the Blog, listen to tracks from their three albums - Sound Effects, Take 2 – Salamanca Sounds and New Direction and hopefully purchase your own copies.

We are pleased to advise that our online store can now facilitate the purchase of downloads as well as the traditional CD versions for posting to your door.

You can also check out upcoming gigs and shows and look back on the bands gig history. Make sure you have a view of a few treasured videos of one of the bands first live performances as well as enjoy our gallery. In relation to the gallery, the band requests they be forwarded photos or videos of the band performing for adding to the website.

Finally, if you have feedback about the bands albums or live performances please upload your comments to our greetings page or send us an email. You are also welcome to leave any comments on our Blog!